The digital supplier market is holding local government back and how low-code and RPA are enabling councils to break free to innovate.

A Talk by Mark Gannon and Vick Green
Netcall and Ashfield District Council

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About this talk

Local government is responsible for a huge number of vital services across the UK. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the vital role local government plays in keeping people safe and well and in building prosperous and resilient localities.

Despite their essential role, the number of people working in local government has reduced significantly and consistently over the past decade. And there has been a similar downward trend in funding for local government. In England this includes a 37% reduction in core grants from central government since 2010.

Citizen expectations have not reduced in the same periods though. Local authorities are, therefore, looking at becoming more digital – that is, “applying the culture, processes, business models and technologies of the internet era to respond to people’s raised expectations” – in order to meet these challenges, achieve efficiencies and deliver cashable savings.

Data, and the ability to move it in a friction-free way out of and between different software applications to support digital transformation, is often trapped (held hostage even) in councils’ legacy applications. And since every local authority has a huge number of legacy applications supporting citizen services, it’s often a massive, and generally costly, task to untangle this ‘legacy spaghetti’.

The Local Digital Declaration, and its call to ‘fix the plumbing’, recognises the need to address this challenge. But much of the local government solutions market is hindering, not helping, local government to digitally transform services. Local authorities are being let down and stifled. Suppliers make integration difficult and expensive, hindering the efforts of local authorities to transform.

We think that’s just wrong. And that’s why we are on a mission to put the power of digital transformation back into the hands of local authorities.

In this session, we’ll show you how we are helping councils to deliver on digital transformation and you can hear directly from one of our customers how they’ve broken free from legacy IT.

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