Glen Ocskó

The advantages of a product approach to digital transformation in the public sector

A Session by Glen Ocskó (Head of Local Government, Made Tech)

About this Session

As new challenges continue to appear, the public sector is under ongoing pressure to find creative and cost-effective solutions that truly make a difference to people's lives.

We believe that those organisations focusing on developing products and services that meet the real needs of citizens, rather than simply implementing technology for technology's sake, have a better chance of creating public services that make a difference.

In this Digital Leader’s talk, Glen Ocskó will share examples of how this type of product mindset can encourage collaboration and create impactful change, he’ll also explore:

- the mistakes organisations make with traditional transformation programmes

- the advantages and challenges of taking a product ecosystem approach to digital transformation

- how data needs to be used and shared to drive decision making

- the risks and mitigations of a product approach

- why open-source is part of the solution, but not the whole solution

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Glen Ocskó

Glen Ocskó

Head of Local Government, Made Tech

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