Mixed Reality - New Eye to an Immersive Holographic content in Museums

A talk by Dr Ramy Hammady
Lecturer in Computer Games & AR/VR, Solent University

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Topics covered by this talk

About this talk

Museums are in an extreme need to be invaded with holographic content which can be inhabited side by side with the museums’ authentic collections to enrich the existing context with interactive ways to boost the museum experience and bring fun and engagement to museums. ‘MuseumEye’ was one of the successful experiments which accompanied holographic ancient Egyptian virtual people with the collection of Tutankhamun antiquities. The rooms were crowded with both realms and people had a unique, interactive engaging tour. More than 171 of the regular museum visitors were involved in the mixed reality experience, they had the chance to meet the King himself and do hand interactions and wander around the room with a positive impression. The Egyptian Museum’s experiment boosted the level of engagement as the time consumed in the regular visits expanded 4 times with this interactive and enjoyably museum tour.

Mixed Reality is a new revolution that will reshape the museum experience and bring fun, entertainment to the short-timing visitors and enriches long-timing visitors with information with unique and interactive manners that cannot be compared with the known conventional ways. What will trigger this revolution is the familiarity with MR tools considering the low weight advantage.

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