Digital Learning Design toolkit for high-impact learning in online environments

A talk by Dr Ann Thanaraj
Assistant Academic Registrar Digital Transformation, Teesside University

16 June 2021, 11:30 AM

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Topics covered by this talk

About this talk

Learning design when done right has the most impactful learning opportunisties for students. Learning design in online environments, particularly when the learning environment is one that is an expansion of the learning ecosystem allows learning to take place through a variety of mediums, preparing students for a digital workplace. When embedding enhancements, nurturing excellence in delivery and strengthening resilience in the event of future disruption is absolutely vital. The learning design toolkit is a methodology for seamless and coherent integration of digital solutions as part of a campus-delivered course design, identifying things to consider when making decisions about what activities are best served online and what are best on campus, how you make that decision. The suggestions and key questions within each section of the seven part journey can be utilised as a resource to use as a key part of the course design process, structured around student centredness, whilst at the same time considering their own individual developmental needs and those of the wider course team and developing an academic offer that is of rigorous and high-quality. The presentation will discuss the thinking that guided the production of the learning design toolkit and how it has been used as a tool to provide a deep, analytical and robust design tool for the design of learning from a student journey perspective, thereby developing and maintaining an academic quality offer that is rigorous and high-quality.