Is Agile living up to your expectations? It's all about people!

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About this talk

Organisations are so often hampered by ”stale Agile” and their results are lacklustre at best. Agile isn't living up to their expectations of better, faster delivery.

They're following the Scrum Guide so why is that? What's missing from the plethora of Agile frameworks, textbooks and forums out there?

Well here's the unspoken reason - it's all about people. What if they lack the insights and more importantly, the behaviours to get the better quality, reduced cost and faster time to market that Agile promises? Agile is broader than just technology. It’s about creating new operating models, new behaviours and importantly, energising people across the entire organisation to work in new collaborative ways.

I've worked with Rockstar developers that just don't cut it in Agile teams and some inexperienced and even previously underperforming ones that excel. Why?

In this session we will explore the secret sauce of high performing Agile teams. The Vision, motivation, communication styles and soft skills that make the difference.

The things you never learn in standard Agile training!