Initiating and inspiring sustainable change from short term strategic interventions

A Talk by Isobel Croot and Coca Rivas
dxw and dxw

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About this talk

When it comes to digital, making decisions on what technology is needed to improve services for users and ways of working for staff is often hard for executive teams.

dxw work extensively with public and third service organisations like the UK's National Health Service, to help them get the most from technology to deliver improved user-centric services.

While we work in long term partnerships with our clients to design, build and run national digital public services, some of our engagements instead take the form of short but impactful strategic interventions.

We're often asked into organisations for very short periods, with sometimes only days or weeks to help them make sense of complexity or suss out how to tackle a difficult problem. Our aim is to set them off on a longer term programme of transformation with clear direction, a sense of priorities and an early roadmap.

We'll share with you the approaches we take that have been successful in making a lasting impact on organisations. Drawing on examples of working with public health organisations as they've adjusted to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the government and the charity sectors in the UK.

Key takeaways:

We’ll explore how public and private sector organisations are similar in many of the technology challenges they face; there are likely to be more opportunities to collaborate and share than many of us realise.

An understanding of the unique position public service organisations find themselves in, delivering government policy with limited budgets and no profit incentives to direct them. One service often needs to meet the needs of a very wide spectrum of users - which is a difficult balance to get right.

Some of the tools and methods we use to tackle those challenges, with practical examples drawn from our work in public service organisations over the last 2 years.

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