Susan Rodaway

Increasing participation and community action through digital innovation

A Session by Susan Rodaway (Director, Vocaleyes Democracy CIC)

About this Session

Discover how a community in South Wales has embraced a digital tool to increase engagement and empower their residents with award-winning results.

Pennard Community, situated on the beautiful Gower Peninsula have been using the Vocaleyes digital platform to revolutionise how they engage with residents.

The community council really wanted to demonstrate their desire to work with and for the community, and further strengthened their commitment by using the platform for participatory budgeting using a proportion of the tax raised from the community (the precept) as well as asking what positive changes they wanted to see.

This community council have seen a significant increase in the level of involvement from the community as well as reaching a much more diverse audience.

Using the platform, along with a blended approach to engagement, has seen many great projects delivered with the wider community, more awareness of the community council and a significant increase in individuals interested in becoming a part of the democratic process.

I'm looking forward to sharing this great example of best practice from this award winning community.

22 June 2023, 05:00 PM

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

About The Speaker

Susan Rodaway

Susan Rodaway

Director, Vocaleyes Democracy CIC