Homes for Healthy Ageing - Sunderland Showcase

A talk by Graham Scanlon
Assistant Director of Housing and Communities, Sunderland City Council

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About this talk

As one of the first location partners of Connected Places Catapult’s Homes for Healthy Ageing programme, Sunderland City Council along with seven innovative SMEs, has partnered to trial and test technologies and innovations to tackle critical challenges in the home, namely: cold, poor air quality and fuel poverty.

With poor housing costing the NHS £1.4 billion per year, the quality of our homes has a critical role to play in our health and wellbeing. Innovation and technology can play an important role in identifying and solving many of these challenges.

Come along on 24th June for an opportunity to network and learn more about the Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme, the solutions tested, and insights from the testbed.

You’ll benefit from this event if you’re:

An investment partner or venture capitalist;

A local authority, housing association, charity or non-profit;

A researcher, academic, or policy professional

About Connected Places Catapult’s Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme By 2050, 1 in 4 people will be over 65. An ageing population will bring new opportunities and challenges for our homes and neighbourhoods. There will be increased demand for homes that meet the needs of older people, and new policies and standards will require homes and neighbourhoods to be healthy, safe and accessible for all ages.

In 2021, Connected Places Catapult – the UK’s innovation accelerator for cities, transport and places – launched the Homes for Healthy Ageing programme. To explore how innovation, new policies and standards, along with a more joined-up approach across the built environment and health care sectors could accelerate the deployment of healthy and age-friendly homes and neighbourhoods in the UK.

Connected Places Catapult has developed an innovation framework to help stakeholders understand their local age-related challenges and trial new solutions through real world testing. The Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme is currently demonstrating the impact of this approach with five testbeds across the UK. Collaborating with local authorities, universities and businesses, the programme is gathering insights on the challenges that an ageing society will bring and showcasing the most innovative solutions to help grow a new ‘homes for healthy ageing’ market.

We have also developed a short welcome pack for delegates Welcome Pack which provides a high-level synopsis of the event contents.


10:00 – Welcome & Housekeeping (Graham Scanlon, Sunderland City Council)

10:05 – Smart Cities Overview (Liz St Louis, Sunderland City Council)

10.10 – Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme (Natalie Record, Connected Places Catapult)

10.20 – Sunderland Testbed (Graham Scanlon & Dave Young, Sunderland City Council)

10.30 – Solutions (with each solution provider)

11.40 – Q&A with SMEs

11.50 – Testbed Evaluation Findings (Connected Places Catapult)

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