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Doing Agile vs being agile by Karl Dickman

In this talk I'll be covering the difference between "doing Agile" and "being agile" from the view of a product manager and how it works in government, 3rd sector and private sector.

I'll be covering the principles and tools at our disposal and how they work in reality, the good and not so good about being a purist, how to utilise both aspects to build a high performance team and what I've learned about it over 15 years of experience.

I think you'd benefit from this if you're about to enter the word of software development, thinking about a change in sector or you've never even thought there was a difference in Agile with a capital letter and without one.

Who's Karl Dickman?

Karl is a self proclaimed product nerd who is instrumental in taking ideas from the drawing board and making them a reality.

Having worked in private , 3rd sector and now government, Karl has a wealth of experience of ways of working and loves nothing more than solving problems and building high performance teams within technology and innovation sectors.

Influence, Power and Stakeholder Management by Jordan Rochester

We are all leaders but successful leaders have a nose for opportunity and a knack for whom to tap to get things done.

This is not your typical stakeholder management chapter. Understanding how you can have power and influence over your project is more important than typical stakeholder management theory that focusses on your stakeholders' power and influence over the project.

In this talk, Jordan draws upon his own experiences and explains influencing techniques and sources of power we can use to positively influence each other to create change.

If you're a change professional, working with multiple stakeholders and project teams, this talk is for you.

In fact, you'll been unable to get through your working week without noticing which techniques and sources of power those you interact with are unknowingly using - successfully or unsuccessfully.

Who’s Jordan Rochester

Often described as “positively infectious” and “one of the happiest men alive, Jordan, is a high-energy extravert who draws his energy from others and loves interacting with people.

A principal consultant and leader in change, he has experience at multiple levels, across multiple roles e.g. Business analysis, Product/Process Ownership, etc; and multiple industries e.g. energy, airline, finance, healthcare, etc.

Although, when asked what he does for a living, Jordan considers himself to be a professional problem solver and never tied to one specific role or industry.


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20 June 2023, 05:30 PM

05:30 PM - 06:30 PM

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