Jill McKinney (Moderator) Judith Esrome Rosario Hazel Dixon Sinéad Cummings Emily Allison

Grow your own way: how to get into and stay in tech

A Session by Emily Allison , Sinéad Cummings , Hazel Dixon , Judith Esrome Rosario and Jill McKinney (Moderator)

About this Session

Why you don’t have to have come from a tech background to work in tech. A practical session on the skills required to join the technology workforce. A panel of four Opencast specialists share their unique 'squiggly' career routes and give grounded practical advice on the skills and competencies that are required. They're joined by Dynamo's head of skills, Jill McKinney, who will moderate the session.

Our panel

Emily Allinson – head of user-centred design, Opencast

Sinéad Cummings – senior consultant, software development, Opencast

Hazel Dixon – senior consultant, user research, Opencast

Judith Esrome Rosario – senior consultant, agile delivery management, Opencast

Moderator: Jill McKinney – head of skills and director, Dynamo

Who this event is for

This event is aimed at people looking to work in the world of technology in the North East and beyond, and specifically interested in the work of Opencast. Opencast people will also attend.

About Opencast

Opencast is a fast-growing, independent technology consultancy working with government and business to design, build and run technology solutions with purpose.

We believe in making life better through the power of people and technology. To achieve this, we deliver human-focused solutions to the challenges our clients face – harnessing the potential of people and working together to ensure technology is done in the right way. Our vision is to make a positive impact on society through solutions that are simpler, more sustainable and fairer for all. Find out more

Where to find us

Find us at: Opencast, Unit 2, The Kiln, Hoults Yard, Newcastle‑upon‑Tyne NE6 1AB

20 June 2023, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

About The Speakers

Emily Allison

Emily Allison

Head of User-Centred Design, Opencast

Sinéad Cummings

Sinéad Cummings

Senior Consultant, Software Development, Opencast, Opencast

Hazel Dixon

Hazel Dixon

Senior Consultant, User Research, Opencast

Judith Esrome Rosario

Judith Esrome Rosario

Senior Consultant, Agile Delivery Management, Opencast

Jill McKinney (Moderator)

Jill McKinney (Moderator)

Head of Skills and Director, Dynamo