Finance & Climate Change - a View from Space

A talk by Richard Flemmings and Steve Keohane
4 Earth Intelligence (4EI) and 4 Earth Intelligence

13 October 2020, 10:00 AM

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About this talk

In today's society climate change is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Highlighted by the World Economic Forum in January 2020, 5 of the top 10 global risks were attributed to climate change. With impacts on assets felt globally and shifts in environmentally conscious consumer behaviour, climate change is being increasingly recognised as a critical risk to global corporate firms in many aspects of business activities.

Where it is not possible to travel or put people on the ground (such as in a pandemic), there has become a greater need and demand for innovative ways to monitor climate risk. Using data from space allows companies to continue business as usual, allowing informed investment decisions whilst also undertaking asset monitoring and environmental impact assessments without having to leave the office.

This session presented by Richard Flemmings (4 Earth Intelligence’s Chief Technology Officer), and Steve Keohane (4 Earth Intelligence’s Strategic Advisor), will look at how satellite derived earth observation data from space can provide the financial corporate world with objective, consistent, repeatable and reliable evidence, enabling them to monitor their assets and make smarter environmentally conscious decisions.

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