Creating a Collaborative Vision for Transformation

A talk by Suzi-Bentley Tanner
Strategy Director, ENGINE Transformation

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About this talk

Digital transformation has never been more important, but the fact of the matter is that most programmes under-deliver – or fail outright. By some measurements, just 5% meet the targets set. Harvard Business Review has estimated that $900 billion of the $1.3 trillion spent on transformation projects in 2018 was money down the drain.

This simply isn’t good enough. We need to develop a new approach that gives more organisations better outcomes more often.

At ENGINE, we know that every business is unique in terms of its challenges, assets and opportunities; which means every project is too. Despite what some consultancies imply, there are no pat answers. You can’t buy transformation by the yard. But we believe the code can be cracked. We’ve developed a new formula for transformation that’s already paying dividends for our clients; and we’re confident it can help your programme beat expectations too.

A key component to this is to identify a vision or North Star - a clearly articulated stake in the ground for the aspiration or ambition of the change required. During this talk Suzi will work through how to create a collaborative vision for change within an organisation.