Community Mapping - what is it, why does it work and how can we bring it to our communities right now?

A talk by Jaki King
CEO & Founder, If Everyone Cares CIC

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About this talk

We live in a digital world where we can find everything we need at the touch of a button - or Do we? Recent and ongoing events have shown us how critical it is for people to be able to find help, where they can volunteer or how to connect with others in their community.

Every day the news is highlighting things like; a potential Mental Health pandemic, the huge rise in unemployment and the effects of isolation to people and communities, to name a just few.

Across the UK there are over 150k charities and even more community groups & projects that provide critical support & opportunities to connect with others. Yet, believe it or not, too often it’s easier to find a restaurant on Google Maps, as there is no central hub that brings this information together. Meaning that information is dis-jointed, incomplete and often out date.

Join Jaki, founder of, to discover how you can get involved and help to ‘join the dots’ & create a national resource which will connect people & communities with the support, opportunities & awareness of resources available at a local level.

Connecting Communities - One Click at a Time

Jaki King

25+ years of community development work. The last 10 years primarily spent on conversational research/feedback for how community mapping can support more resilient communities - this has led to the development of

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