Jazz Rasool

Artificial Intelligence v Artificial Sentience for Executive Coaching: The Dangers and the Dividends

A Session by Jazz Rasool (Director, Metaverse Coaching, Energy Diamond Consultancy)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can facilitate finding knowledge and creating paths for how problems can be solved for executives.

However, it still lacks capability for demonstrating the emotion or empathy needed to sensitively address issues that arise in Coaching and Leadership development related to Emotional Intelligence, specifically imbalances in self-awareness, self-management and self-development.

That requires use of Wisdom, Intuition and a 'felt sense' as well as Knowledge, Logic and Strategy.

How can AI for coaching or creative applications be intuitive as well as logical?

How can AI be wise as well as knowledgeable?

AI bots, such as ChatGPT, when asked about what they cannot do, actually flag such distinctions in their shortcomings. Intelligence then is not the same as Sentience, a way of operating that is grounded in gut instinct, feelings, emotions and empathy.

Will Artificial Intelligence ever become what Jazz Rasool calls 'Artificial Sentience'? If so, what are the Dividends? How do we ethically put systems, frameworks, practices and regulations into place to prevent Dangers manifesting? To what degree should we let AI drive executive coaching or assist it? Will the future be one were Artificial Sentience will become a gold standard for cultivating human development at work and in life?

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Jazz Rasool

Jazz Rasool

Director, Metaverse Coaching, Energy Diamond Consultancy

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