Russell Kerr

An Innovators Guide to a Discovery Workshop - the What, Why & the How?

A Session by Russell Kerr (Head of UX Design, Whitespace)

About this Session

Are you struggling to identify your tech project objectives, requirements, and expected outcomes? Being able to outline your business, goals, strategy, and current operational process is a much-needed task when you’re looking to develop digital transformation or productisation.

Making sure you follow a process when driving and delivering innovation is critical. A ‘Discovery Workshop’ is a well-known key part of that process and will allow teams and departments to deep dive into the current product, process, or systems to establish where the true growth opportunity lies.

It will also help organisations to understand the potential solution, applicable markets, and constraints. Join our head of UX Russell Kerr who will guide you through the key elements of this workshop and why they should matter to you.

In this session, you will learn; What is a Discovery Workshop and why is it important? Who should be involved from your team(s)? What is in scope for this type of workshop -

Which problem are you looking to solve?

What practical, actionable outputs should you target and expect results?

How to prepare and plan to get the optimum outputs from a workshop This session will be a brief and practical overview of the Discovery Workshop process and the thinking behind going down this route to achieve meaningful outcomes in innovation.

21 June 2023, 02:30 PM

02:30 PM - 03:15 PM

About The Speaker

Russell Kerr

Russell Kerr

Head of UX Design, Whitespace