Adapting With Digital - From a Zoom Boom to an E-Commerce Explosion

A talk by Richard Burn
Digital Projects, Strategy & Partnerships Manager, Dorset Growth Hub

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About this talk

“Change”….”Pivot”…..”Adapt”….”Unprecedented”. Once words that had no real association with one thing in particular. How the world has “evolved” right?

I’d like to take you on a journey and talk about a world that under duress, absolutely exploded into the digital stratosphere! I’ll guide you through the digital business changes many of us have seen, encountered, defied, rejected, embraced, revolutionised, and somehow managed to accept, or have we?

I’ll not only talk about the technology and digital adoption but also talk about our human experience in all of this which is so critical to digital transformation. Based around Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s take on two emotions in this world “Love” & “Fear” I’ll look at how they have impacted how we have approached such a tidal wave of change.

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