Simon Mabey

Founder and CEO,

About this speaker

Simon has been pioneering digital services for over 30 years. And started by writing code to create 3D digital models and sticking these onto photographs! His early career was spent developing applications of 3D technology including; Verified photomontages, 4D modelling, clash detection and being the practitioner behind many of the government funded reports which have influenced the development and adoption BIM technology within the UK construction industry. For the second half of his career Simon focused on Cities, utilising the knowledge and experience of working on building models and applying this to an urban context. His first Urban project was to develop a 3D citymodel of Manchester following the terrorist bomb in 1996. Simon set up digital in 2017 Pre and post-pandemic he has been exploring the use of immersive technology to make the planning and engagement process entertaining and fun, helping everyone to provide meaningful insight. Now with a team of 20 digital maintains a number of Digital Twins for local authorities.


Digital twins for Towns to create a more enjoyable planning process.

21 June 2023, 01:00 PM
Simon Mabey