Siân Rodway

Chief Operating Officer, MDRx

About this speaker

Sian is MDRx's Chief Operating Officer. She leads and shapes the delivery of our consulting services. She has led the development of innovative strategies in both public and private sector organisations and has overseen the design of new business models that enable her clients to effectively adopt new technologies. Her successful track record in the world of Consulting has been enabled by her ability to build high performing teams who work shoulder to shoulder with clients so that they can realise the potential of their ideas and overcome their most challenging problems. Her management and delivery have been commended by the UK's National Security Advisor. She is a qualified performance coach with exceptional emotional intelligence and has provided coaching to unlock the potential of individuals at all stages of their careers. Her role as a coach to the Civil Service Fast Stream has been particularly rewarding. In addition, Sian is passionate about demystifying technology through video tutorials and podcasting so that organisations embrace new technologies. She believes that by creating accessible content that explains emerging technologies to business leaders they will gain greater credibility and fully understand what's at stake for their business.


Creating Value for Taxpayers: A Different Approach to Public Sector Consulting

21 June 2023, 11:00 AM
Siân Rodway