Scott Fulton

Director, Digital Rebels

About this speaker

Before forming his company Digital Rebels in 2021, Scott had over 20 years of experience leading Avon and Somerset Police’s digital channels with 6,500 employees and 2 million annual customers. As well as delivering cutting-edge online services for citizens, his team won five international awards for their Intranet, resulting in Scott speaking across the globe about their success. Scott's company provides consulting on digital customer and employee experiences specialising in websites and intranets, as well as the development of innovative digital solutions. A previous Digital Leader's Finalist and nominated local champion, Scott also hosts a podcast called Rebel Diaries featuring industry leaders dedicated to making work better. You can find him online and contact him here:


How Digital Leaders and Their Teams can Become Unstoppable, Stop Wasted Effort and Finish Work with a Smile

21 June 2023, 02:00 PM
Scott Fulton

The Secrets to Designing an Intranet That People Don't Hate

23 June 2023, 12:00 PM
Scott Fulton