Nik Carter

Principal Information Governance Officer, Leeds City Council

About this speaker

I am a Principal Information Governance Officer for Leeds City Council. Over my three years in this post, I have managed compliance for health and social care and also specialised in records management for those areas. I'm comfortable with large warehouses of dusty paper records and large lists of electronic records. I have worked on the IG for chat bots, shared health records and conferencing tools we use day to day. Before joining the team, I had various Data Analyst roles and bring my knowledge of getting actionable insight from data into the electronic records management. I'm currently really excited to see how technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence will change how modern organisations work, what new data this will bring to them and how we can do all this without compromising people's privacy.


Unlocking Information Compliance: Insights from Leeds City Council's M365 Application

22 June 2023, 02:00 PM
Nik Carter