Lesley Tait

Director & Coach, Her Supreme Self

About this speaker

Lesley Tait is a highly experienced corporate leader with over 33 years of experience in various industries, including facilities management and unified communications. Despite being an introvert, Lesley has excelled in leadership positions and has been recognised for her ability to build high-performing teams and deliver results. Now as an ICF certified personal performance coach, Lesley is passionate about helping others unleash their full potential, improve their communication skills, increase their self-awareness, and achieve their goals. Lesley has a deep understanding of the challenges that introverts face in the corporate world and is dedicated to helping introverts thrive in the digital age. Lesley's experience and insights make her a sought-after coach and mentor.


Empowering Introverts in the Digital Age: Navigating Inclusion, Unleashing Skills, and Unlocking Talent

22 June 2023, 04:00 PM
Lesley Tait