Colm Hayden

Chief Technical Officer, Anaeko

About this speaker

Colm is an experienced, entrepreneurial and commercially-focussed technical leader. Over the past two decades he has been CTO to Cloud Software and Services companies, Technical Director to industry networks, Technical Lead on Open Standards, University Course Director and Business Network Founder.

Colm has scoped and delivered 400 data optimisation projects, designed 40 cloud platforms, and brought to market over 100 web and mobile applications 

Colm has delivered services for IBM, Microsoft, Vodafone, Fujitsu, Verint, Epic Games, BT and SUN Microsystems amongst others. In partnership with global service providers, and through direct engagements, Colm has optimised data in Government, Health & Life Sciences, Media, Finance and Telecoms. 

Colm has led R&D teams developing a diverse range of business and consumer products including Business Value Dashboards, Open Data Platforms, Sentiment Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Citizen Engagement, Parliamentary Monitoring, Trivia Gaming, Patient Monitoring and Unified Communications 

Colm is currently focussed on growing Anaeko’s Data Optimisation services.


Unleashing the Power of Data: Fueling the Sustainable Revolution in Transport

21 June 2023, 10:30 AM
Jack Manning Alan Kiernan Brian Roche Colm Hayden