Clare Morris

CEO, Rethink Partners

About this speaker

Clare has a unique background and skillset that means she’s trusted by public sector leaders to tackle the most complex and sensitive of issues. Her instinct for spotting opportunities and creating value for partners is underpinned by a pragmatic and strongly ethical approach. Clients know they are always being given the right advice for their circumstances. Clare is as comfortable leading challenging, multi-partner, transformational work as she is driving technical challenges. From leading culture change on the world’s fastest roll out of care technology for vulnerable people to reshaping discharge pathways, Clare thrives on the challenging work of public services. Clare is a former NHS CEO with a late-blossoming passion for technology – she is passionate about spreading digital transformation in health and care services.


Getting buy-in from the top and why tech is a big step for leaders

23 June 2023, 01:00 PM
Clare Morris