Cate Kalson

Chief People Officer, Opencast Software

About this speaker

I am the Chief People Officer at Opencast Software, an independent, employee owned technology consultancy headquartered in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I'm a strategic leader with a background in Data Analytics and Product Management prior to becoming a full-time People professional.

I'm proud to be a member of Opencast's exec team. At Opencast we have a fantastic team of experienced technology consultants working on important client projects. It's my role to fuel the growth of our people and company through leading our recruiting, learning & development, culture and people operations teams.

If you’re interested in joining Opencast I’m always open to an informal conversation.

I'm passionate about the need to bring diverse people into the fast-growing technology sector, in particular in my local region the North East of England, and am always keen to connect with others who are on this mission. I'm a Director of Dynamo North East with a focus on Talent & Skills.


Technology and a manifesto for change

19 June 2023, 04:00 PM
Cate Kalson Henry Kippin Jenny Hartley (Moderator) Neil Ross