Amir Hashmi

Amir Hashmi

ISO 27001 Information Security Management compliant, ISO 9001 Quality Assurance compliant, Cyber Essentials Certificate


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Amir Hashmi is a technology expert with more than 20 years’ experience working in companies like BP, Bertelsmann, Merck and Deutsche Bank. Communication and leadership are two of Amir’s core skills which have helped him build a successful and growing tech business. Since 2002, Amir has been Managing Director and Founder of zsah, an award-winning managed services technology company based in London, UK. Through his company zsah, Amir has helped hundreds of clients successfully implement new technology systems and build cost-effective solutions for their business. He has led numerous tech projects and built an excellent track record in identifying opportunities that help his customers focus on their core business, whilst his company zsah, takes care of the technology for them. Outside of work, Amir will happily accompany you on a round of golf; take you for a spin on a track day in a race car, and, if you’re feeling really sporty, he’ll meet you on the basketball court to shoot some hoops! Amir is a firm believer in continuous learning to improve his abilities and also offers his knowledge and experiences to newcomers in the IT industry. You can connect with him through his LinkedIn profile or through the zsah website. He is always happy to explore opportunities for collaboration.

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