Digital Leaders Week UK 14-18 October 2024

We are accepting Online talks and in-person events

Digital Leaders Week UK is happening for a 7th year this October and we are looking for talks and events right across the UK from the experts and organisations leading our national digital transformation

Those like you, with the answers or experience to drive forward the digital transformation of the UK’s businesses, public services and charities are also taking part, sharing the very best practice and offering solutions that are practical and real at this challenging time and together we can help others to accelerate their digital transformation

This year we are accepting talks and events covering 15 core topics ranging from AI to UX and all forms of digital transformation in between. Giving a talk or running an event during the week for our 100,000 plus community is the perfect opportunity to elevate you as a thought-leader within your sector.

We are accepting Webinars, Workshops and in-person events.

Please join us and together we will build the UK’s digital confidence